Says the Elephant, “Be a Child of Illusion”

Feb2309 Elephant snapshot-2009-02-23-19-57-36Over at Elephant Journal, editor Waylon Lewis has engaged his mom and longtime Buddhist practitioner Linda Lewis to teach weekly on those great ‘lojong’ (mind training) slogans of the 10th century Mahayanist, Atisha.

Here is this week’s installment from Linda on my personal favorite slogan: “In post-meditation, be a child of illusion.”

“In the previous article we discussed the slogan, “Regard all dharmas as dreams” and how mindfulness-awareness is the foundation for extending the experience of openness into post-meditation.

Yet, a few moments after meditating, especially if the phone rings, I can fall back into habitual, dualistic patterns—as if an instantly re-solidified Linda-self were on the line with “annoying Other”—say, a man on the phone trying to sell me a subscription to our local newspaper.

This is the moment when Atisha’s Lojong slogans can be most helpful. Rather than trying to remember the meditative experience in the midst of such worldly distractions, we can flash on a slogan such as, “In post-meditation, be a child of illusion.”

Being a child is seeing and hearing and touching the world with fresh eyes, ears, fingers and the rest of the five senses…plus mind. It’s pre-concept. This is a great way to keep the mind and heart open. So although I do not want the newspaper, I can have a listening ear. The man’s accent is intriguing. Guessing he’s Greek. I can still wish him “Kali mera”—good morning.”

Jump to Elephant to read the rest.

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