Sharon Salzberg’s Handbook on Kindness

Insight Meditation Society co-founder Sharon Salzberg is one of most revered teachers of Buddhism in the West and a frequent contributor to our magazines (see articles at the end of this post). Elephant Journal’s Todd Mayville offers this review of Sharon’s latest book, The Kindness Handbook:

“There’s a warmth to Sharon Salzberg, both in person and in her writing, and it’s this warmth that comes through in her newest book, The Kindness Handbook. The text is simply written and is straightforward, yet it implies a depth of understanding that belies its surface simplicity. The book is a collection of short essays and anecdotes giving us a foundation and definition for kindness, both for ourselves and others, and then encouragement and guidance on how to take kindness out into the world and into our lives. The book is written in three parts: the first defines kindness for us, the second gives suggestions on how we can be more kind to ourselves, and the third offers ways to manifest that kindness towards others we meet, whether we know them or not, and whether we like them or not. There are essentially two ways to use this book, from chapter to chapter or by opening to any page and using what is on the page as a meditation on what is there, but either way, this is a book to be enjoyed like a good meal or a good cup of coffee: by savoring every bit of it. From Sounds True and available at your local, independent bookseller.”

Teachings and talks by Sharon Salzberg from the pages of the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma:

Surprised by Joy: The road to happiness is paved with kindness

Generosity’s Perfection: Giving up, giving in, just plain giving—that’s the truly transformative experience.

Becoming the Ally of All Beings

Awakening Confidence in our Capacity for Loving-Kindness: The Blessing of Dipa Ma

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