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There’s a party going on right here: “The World Festival”

“This past Fourth of July,” writes Howard Axelrod in the July ’14 Shambhala Sun, “having not thought about it for years, I was reminded of the World Festival.” Wait, you’ve never heard of the World Festival? Axelrod explains: “Through third and fourth grade, I had a recurring fantasy, though I thought of it as a […]

Trailer: “The Fourth Noble Truth” is a very Buddhist love story

Can you think of an instance when the Buddha’s fundamental teachings formed the framework for a commercial film, right down to the title? That time has come, and those attending the 17th Annual Sonoma Film Festival will be the first to get a look at The Fourth Noble Truth at its world premiere April 3, […]

Authentic Love

Sumi Loundon Kim weighs in on seeing and communicating clearly in love and marriage. Recently, some university students asked me to give a talk on romantic relationships and the spiritual path. I found myself overwhelmed: There’s so much to say about the best practices of relationship-work! Should I tackle good communication, respect, honesty, vulnerability, kindness, […]

Dalai Lama to Larry King: Same sex marriage OK

The Dalai Lama has no problem with same sex marriage, saying such matters are more the business of government and consenting adults, according to this video clip released ahead of today’s airing of Larry King’s latest interview with him. Where he draws the line is harassment: “Bully, abuse – that’s totally wrong. That’s a violation […]

Love, passion, and relationships: What favorite Shambhala Sun contributors have to say

Happy February 14th* to you all — including those who won’t be acknowledging Valentine’s Day. Relationships, after all, can be sources of difficulty as well as joy. But then, as Thich Nhat Hanh tells us, “When you are a full-time buddha, you can find a way to be present and happy in your relationship full-time, […]

Zen teacher recalls her student who transitioned genders, “Turning Words” author Ellen Krug

We hope you’ve had a chance to read Ellen Krug’s “Turning Words: A Buddhist Transitions Genders,” posted here last week. In addition to sharing that wonderful piece, we’ve also been able to hear from Zuiko Redding, the teacher at Cedar Rapids Zen Center Ellen found so helpful. That’s a nice little story in itself. Says […]

“Meditation Malice” — Josh Korda on working with distractions and resentment

By Josh Korda A little over a decade ago I spent my first retreat with a wonderful British Theravada monk—Ajahn Sucitto—and found myself arriving to the meditation center with an aspiration that the time would provide relief from the frustration and distress I was experiencing during my working hours. This was quite understandable as, at […]

A shrine for all at New York City’s Reciprocity Foundation

You may recall reading about New York’s Reciprocity Foundation and its open-handed approach to feeding and working with homeless youth in Taz Tagore’s Shambhala Sun piece, “Home Cooking,” earlier this year. Just a couple of days ago, it was my good fortune to visit with Taz and fellow RF co-founder Adam Bucko, to learn more […]

“Attachment is unhealthy” — Robert Thurman on intimacy, Part 2

A short while back, in anticipation of the November 8 San Francisco event of which he’ll be a part—The Disappointments of Intimacy: How Buddhist Ideas Can Help Relationships — we shared some of Robert Thurman’s thoughts on the subject. (You can read them here; Thurman is also the co-author, with Sharon Salzberg, of “Know Your […]

“Everything shimmering and golden” — read Laurie Anderson’s beautiful public words for Lou Reed

Laurie Anderson — musical, visual, spoken-word artist extraordinaire in her own right — was famously married to Lou Reed. Now, after Reed’s passing, followers of either or both of this pair of one-of-a-kinds have to wonder how she’s doing. Loving, gracious, and grateful in tone, her obituary for Reed, as published in the East Hampton […]

Robert Thurman on the benefits and disappointments of intimacy

Robert Thurman – scholar, writer, and, endowed chair in Buddhist Studies at Columbia University — will join Rev. Zesho Susan O’Connell, President of San Francisco Zen Center, and Dr. David Bullard, psychotherapist, to discuss The Disappointments of Intimacy: How Buddhist Ideas Can Help Relationships on November 8. (He’s also the co-author, with Sharon Salzberg, of […]

Free teleconference with Katy Butler to explore end-of-life care and the medical profession

When is it time to say to a doctor, “Let my loved one go?” This will be the subject of a free teleconference on Wednesday, November 13, with award-winning science writer and Buddhist practitioner Katy Butler (an experienced Zen meditator, Butler has received lay ordination from Thich Nhat Hanh into his Tiep Hien Order). Sponsored […]

(Updated) Video: The Dalai Lama’s offers Martin Luther King-inspired thoughts on “Dream Day” and recites part of speech for the BBC

NBC News is marking the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s indelible “I Have a Dream” speech with “#dreamday,” posting online the thoughts of notable personalities and ordinary citizens, beginning with, “I have a dream that…” Included is the following video from HH the Dalai Lama on eradicating the basis of violence: Update: […]

“Good Friends” — an excerpt from Geri Larkin’s new book, Close to the Ground

As Geri Larkin writes about losing a friend: “Nobody seems to talk about this or how much it can hurt, especially when we lose a best friend. Not through death, although that is killer heartbreak, but by the simple withdrawal of their friendship.” Here, from her new book Close to the Ground, are some helpful […]

“Why I Quit Facebook”

What if our online life gets in the way of our flesh and blood connections? In “Why I Quit Facebook,” from the July 2013 Shambhala Sun, Sumi Loundon Kim explains why and how she cut the wireless tether. (It wasn’t easy!) “Why I Quit Facebook” is now online for you to read in its entirety; […]