Our September issue is here, featuring helpful teachings on transforming anger into wisdom and compassion — plus lots more

2014-09 coverThe September 2014 Shambhala Sun now on sale. What’s inside? Well, read on and click the links found below, or click here to start browsing complete articles and excerpts on our “Current Issue” page.

* Special Section: Discovering the Wisdom of AngerMelvin McLeod on the “enlightened power of no; Judy Lief offers four Buddhist techniques to work with anger; Emily Horn teaches us how RAIN — Recognizing, Accepting, Investigating, and Not identifying with our anger — can cool the flames of anger; Norman Fischer applies five surprising mind-training slogans to anger and other strong emotions

* A Refuge from AddictionNoah Levine offers Buddhist principles and practices to help people free themselves from the suffering of substance abuse

* Is Nothing Something? Children’s questions reveal that they, like adults, are grappling with the human condition. We’ll all benefit from Thich Nhat Hanh‘s answers to their questions

More, after the jump:

* There Is a Path that Frees Us from Suffering — Insight Meditation teacher Gina Sharpe is working to create a truly inclusive sangha. The place to start, she says, is facing the truth that Buddhist communities aren’t free from the suffering caused by racism. Andrea Miller reports.

* On Track with Paul Newman — He was one of the world’s biggest stars. But according to former employee Michael Stone, the Hollywood legend was also someone who could sit still and watch the rain fall

Plus: Sakyong Mipham on working with obstacles on the path; Jack Kornfield urges you to join the call for peace and nonviolence in Burma; Geri Larkin on what happened when she embraced being ordinary; Andrea Miller‘s books in brief, including new titles by Tom Robbins and Peter Matthiessen, “About a Poem,” and more.

Check out the whole issue here.

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  1. Brian Procter
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    Hey there, how do I order this monthly ? Could you please email me a link ?



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    Brian: Thanks for asking. We're a bimonthly, but:
    Just click the “Subscribe and Save Half” link found next to the magazine cover found on any page of ShambhalaSun.com.

  3. Fernando
    Posted July 28, 2014 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

    Can i order it from Spain? Is there a way to get it for the ipad so i can access old issues?Thanks. Great job!

  4. Connie
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    Can I subscribe to a digital format of Shambhala Sun so I can read it on my tablet rather than having a magazine mailed to me?

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