The July 2014 Shambhala Sun, “Your Guide to Buddhist Meditation,” is almost here. What’s inside?

2014-07 coverOur July 2014 magazine is heading to subscribers’ mailboxes shortly and will be at newsstands in the first week of June. So: what’s inside? First, there’s the special feature section: Your Guide to Buddhist Meditation. There you’ll learn a wealth of meditation techniques to develop calm, awareness, wisdom, and love via eleven exclusive teachings:

* The View: Why We Meditate, by Chogyam Trungpa
* Insight Meditation: Present, Open & Aware, by Emily Horn
* Walking: Meditation in Motion, by Brother Phap Hai
* Loving-Kindness: It Starts with You, by Josh Korda
* Zazen: Just Ordinary Mind, by Susan Murphy
* Koans: One with the Question, by Melissa Myozen Blacker
* Tonglen: In with the Bad, Out with the Good, by Ethan Nichtern
* The Middle Way: Investigating Reality, by Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel
* Mahamudra: Look Directly at the Knower, by Andy Karr
* Visualization: Developing Pure Perception, by Anyen Rinpoche & Allison Choying Zangmo
* Dzogchen: The Sky of Wisdom, by Tsoknyi Rinpoche

And there’s plenty more. Read on:

Also inside the July Shambhala Sun:

The Buddhas of West 17th: The art, spirituality, and ideas of the Himalayas meet the best of the modern world at New York’s Rubin Museum. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, we showcase art from the collection and dialogues featuring Laurie Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Sharon Salzberg, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, and many more.

Prepare Now: Death can come at any time, so the Buddha warned us to get ready now. Knowing that helped Buddhist teacher Allan Lokos after a terrible airplane crash. Rod Meade Sperry has his story.

Plus: Sakyong Mipham on how meditation helps us uncover unconditional confidence; “A Punk Looks at Fifty,” by Zen teacher Brad Warner; “The Heart of a Garden,” by Karen Maezen Miller; the latest book reviews, and more.

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