Exiled Tibetan monks travel from India to support Ferguson protestors


A group of exiled Tibetan monks made the journey from India to stand alongside protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, and did so late this weekend. The monks stood on the street with their hands up in surrender, a gesture that, along with signs and t-shirts reading, “Don’t shoot,” has come to represent the protests and the frustration felt after the shooting of Michael Brown, and the clashes between civilians and police that have been recurring on the streets of Ferguson.

Response to the monks’ presence seems to have been overwhelmingly positive, with people lining up to hug them and take their pictures. Huffington Post has photos and footage of the scene; click here.


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    I'm curious because I've been trying to track details of this story: did the monks actually come to Ferguson or were they already in Missouri? There are Tibetan centers in the St. Louis area, but none of the online news sources covered from whence actually came these noble objects of refuge.

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    The image of Tibetan buddhist monks holding a sign of solidarity with the people of Ferguson has made its way around the Internet, but accompanied mostly by the phrase that they'd come "all the way from India" to do so.

    In fact, these monks do live in India, as part of the exiled Drepung Gomang Monastery, but were already in St. Louis as part of the Sacred Tibetan Arts Tour, http://www.drepunggomang.org/test-tour-page

    Here's the full story from a St. Louis newspaper: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/buddhist

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