Video: “Free the Mind” to premiere at the Rubin Museum in May

Free the Mind is a new documentary about the ability of meditation to rewire the brain. Featuring neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson, the film follows two veterans grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as Davidson teaches them meditation to ease their pain and help them return to the lives they had before being deployed. Davidson also wants to see how early in life meditation can have an effect, so he creates a program to teach meditation and yoga to children with ADHD.

Directed by Danish director Phie Ambo, Free the Mind premieres at the Rubin Museum in New York on Friday, May 3, with a discussion with Davidson following the screening. Tickets for the premiere are sold out, but they’re still available for a screening and discussion with Ambo and Davidson on May 4, and for several other screenings throughout the month of May. For more information, and for tickets, click here. Free the Mind is expected to open in many major markets throughout the summer, so look for it then.

For more about Davidson and the emerging field of contemplative neuroscience, visit our Science, Buddhism and Your Mind spotlight page.

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