Video: Thubten Chodron on “Handling Emotions in Response to Mass Shootings”

The talk shown in the video here is from earlier this summer, given in response to the mass shootings perpetrated by James Holmes and Wade M. Page. But — unsurprisingly, and sadly — its message is every bit as relevant, post-Newtown. After all, as the American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun Thubten Chodron notes in this BBC (“Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner”) video, “this country seems to have mass shootings on quite a regular basis.” We think you’ll find her guidance and perspective helpful, as it addresses the sadness, anger, and confusion that these events invariably bring up. Watch after the jump.



For more Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner videos, visit Sravasti Abbey YouTube Channel. And for other responses to the Newtown shootings, see this tonglen teaching from Susan Piver and this beautiful video for the Dalai Lama Center.

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