Well, it looks like our work here is done.

Psychologists at the University of British Columbia have found that Tylenol can reduce anxiety associated with “thoughts of existential uncertainty and death” — two areas for which Buddhism, of course, is hailed for its efficacy. In the study, subjects taking Tylenol reported feeling less upset after discussing death and existential topics than those who had taken a placebo.

That’s great, but let’s get real. This is just one study, and since acetaminophen poisoning is common and can cause severe liver damage, please don’t take Tylenol to deal with your anxiety about your own looming mortality. Instead, look into meditation, our check out our Death and Dying Spotlight page, which has a diverse collection of teachings about death. And don’t miss these stories from our friends at Mindful: Study: Mindfulness reduces suffering associated with pain | Meeting Pain With Awareness | How to Hurt a Little Less | Real People, Real Practice.

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