Yamantaka // Sonic Titan makes Buddhist-inspired music like you probably haven’t heard before; Listen online

As a Buddhist and a fan of heavy and — okay — weird music, I was pretty thrilled when a friend told me yesterday about Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, a band which, as Pitchfork.com puts it, “blends philosophies of Buddhism, meditation, and mantra with the band’s love of extreme sounds like black metal, industrial, and noise. Their name, for example, pins a reference to the Buddhist deity Yamantaka with a song title from doom metal band Sleep’s Dopesmoker.[A classic of the doom metal genre, in case you weren't aware.] If you’re into even some of the things that YT//ST blends, you might very well like it yourself. (If not, that could be a whole ‘nother story.)

After the jump: more about Yanantaka // Sonic Titan via Pitchfork, plus a video and a links (including an online stream of the bands new LP, YT//ST.

You can listen to YT//ST, the band’s whole new LP, online here.

There’s a video, too:


More with the band’s two performance-artist founders, via Pitchfork:

Pitchfork: Whats the narrative behind your new rock opera?

Alaska B: We’re Buddhists, so it’s about the Buddhist concept of struggle to enlightenment. The sound started out trying to approximate the energy of rock’n'roll — that strong psychic energy that’s been carried since the 50s. We had this idea that when you see Tantric Buddhists, it’s people making a lot of noise together; it’s this long journey where you start in one place and don’t know exactly where you end. We were trying to imagine the same vibe but in the rock’n'roll context– replacing those sounds with our sounds.

Ruby Kato Attwood: Our aim when we perform is to create an empty space — a sacred space — compared to what’s called the Samsaric world, which is ever-changing and full of chaos.

Check out the full Pitchfork piece, which has LOTS more to it, here. It also includes online streams of three songs.

What’s your reaction to YT//ST?

(Click here to visit Yamantaka // Sonic Titan online.)

NEW LINK: The band talks about Buddhism and how they have sought to explore it musically in this new interview by Max Mertens of The AV Club.

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